Biology of the Spotted Catfish, Arius maculatus (Thunberg, 1972) from the Ashtamudi Lake


  • Rohini Krishna .M V TKM College of Arts and Science,Kollam-5,India


Catfish, Arius maculatus,Ashtamudy Lake,Gonadosomatic Index


Study of biology of the spotted catfish Arius maculatus was carried out in the Perumon sector
of the Ashtamudy Lake. Sampling was carried out during a period of 3 months. Physicochemical parameters were analysed during the study period. The feeding behaviour of Arius
maculatus was observed. The fish preferred a carnivorous diet with the stomach contents
consisting of fishes,prawns and crabs. The male fish shows parental care and mouth
brooding. On the calculation of the length-weight relationship, it was found out that females
were shown to undergo negative allometric growth with and males positive allometric growth.
Low GSI value was observed in the month of February is for females and highest for males.
And the studies on the sex ratio revealed with the exemption to the month of February males
predominated the catch. The fecundity was found out to be 18. This information will be
important in evaluating the status of the species, aquaculture prospects and its need for