Dissent and Modernity in Travancore, 1888-1938

Sunil Kumar. R

  • Sunil Kumar R
Keywords: Dissent,, Modernity, Hegemony, Travancore, Civic Rights, Abstention


Social, religious and political dissent with traditional customs, practices and
mentalities brought about modernity in Travancore. The dissent found expression in various
movements –revivalist and reformative, religious, social and political for the redressal of
grievances which the majority of the Travancoreans had long been suffering from. These
protest movements were spearheaded by progressive social and religious reformers
belonging to different castes and communities. The orthodox elite mentality had been
conditioned to accept reform and change, resulting in the modernization of Travancore
society. Modernity and social progress achieved in the past were largely due to reasonable
dissent and valid discourse. Therefore tolerating and accommodating dissent is essential for
a healthy and harmonious society.