Biogenic Synthesis of Iron oxide Nanoparticles from Marine Algae

Siji S, Njana J, Amrita P J, Dalia Vishnudasan

  • Siji S
  • Njana J
  • Amrita P J
  • Dalia Vishnudasan
Keywords: marine algae, Iron oxide nanoparticles (Fe3O4), Chaetomorphaantennina (green algae)


Green nanotechnology, deals with the use of biological systems such as bacteria, fungi, algae, plants, etc. for the synthesis of Nanoparticles (Nps). The aim of our study was to undertake Green synthesis of Iron oxide nanoparticles/magnetite (Fe3O4-Nps)from marine algae such as Chaetomorphaantennina(green algae), and Turbinariaturbinata (brown algae). Two types of Iron oxide Nps were synthesized and characterized– bare Iron Oxide Nps and citrate coated Iron Oxide Nps. This biogenic or green synthesis is actively pursued in recent years as an alternative, efficient, inexpensive, and environmentally safe method for producing nanoparticles with specified properties.